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Stop living someone else’s life!  There is more to you and existing from day to day, from chore to chore keeping your light low.  I am Natalie and I am on a mission to guide women like you out of the vicious cycle of self-doubt, self-judgment and worry that keeps some of us locked away from our inner unique talents and purpose.

As an intuitive, empathic mentor I can feel the pain of existing in a world without understanding your own value and worth and living a life of passion and vitality.  I have been there and know that there are those moments where we have a sense of “there’s more” – those are the crossroads, the signposts inviting us to STOP, BREATHE and take inventory to then make a choice of what we want to do next. Yes, I’ve been there – I’ve done the work and I share with you my strategies, everything I have learned so you can move forward in your life and truly be grateful for each wonderful day. And yes, even when you know the strategies, know yourself there will be more crossroads and I want you to be able to master see their beauty and master them with ease.

For over 20 years I have worked with individuals to end their daily frustration, anxiety and stress.  It is actually due to my former students that I became an Intuitive Transformational Mentor.  You see, I say: Enough of being afraid of the next step!  I know NOW is time to confidently step forward and LIVE life every day, knowing you can handle whatever happens because YOU have the power; life happens FOR you and you are an integral part of it.
You get back to YOU , your passion, purpose and power because I am always frank with you, direct and with love so you can realize who you are, what you really WANT and get the skills that will help YOU  bring you back to your center, to appreciate all that you are and live your life your way.  What you see is what you get and YOUR time is NOW

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More about me

With me, what you see is what you get.

I was born a teacher and all my life is based on teaching – teaching by example, teaching in course, teaching as a college professor, teaching as a mom, teaching ….  I am also a life-long learner and take everything I experience and everyone I met as an opportunity to learn and grow.  What a gift !!

This is who I am and I am on a mission to support YOU in living your life your way because that is the only way to LIVE.  LIVING is not surviving.  LIVING is not observing what is happening.  LIVING is taking an active part in all that is happening. 

I was born with the gift of intuition; some may call this “psychic abilities” though I personally do not use that term given the many misconceptions that term has taken on.  I’ll share more about that later and simply want to be up front about that.  Let me also emphasize that I do not use or apply any of those skills (which we all have) unless I have permission to do so.

I currently serve as THE Intuitive Transformation Mentor, which means I assist people like you who feel that there is more to them on their journey (on YOUR journey) to reconnect with themselves, to reconnect to self-love, self-confidence, purpose and their true potential.  This is why my insights into “latent human potential” come to bear as some experts call it.

These intuitive insights coupled with years of research and analysis (that go beyond my excellent school and university education in Germany and the US leading to my Ph.D. in History) allowed me to create my own processes – all of which I worked through myself – to help individuals and teams lead their lives and their teams or corporations in alignment with their purpose, potential and skills.  Thus I am able to help adjust the trajectory of lives and corporations for the better of all concerned and involved. The only pre-requisite is:  be open-minded.

I do believe in the good of humanity and that guides my approaches, plus that analytical and research focused side of me. Some may consider me “bi-polar” as they see me switch from intuitive to analytical and back, I suppose.  Yet, in all reality – the intuition underlies everything and simply gets connected to my analytical background and then comes out that way.  This ability allows me to live in all worlds simultaneously; being the CEO of my business serving individuals and teams, the CEO of a SAAS company (iDue Systems), producing events and leading workshops, Advisor to Non-profits, Columnist for The Los Angeles Tribune, mom to an amazing daughter that allows me to be a child at times, daughter, sister, wife, friend … and loving all of it because I also have time for ME.

In my early years I relied a lot on those and then … society kicked in and I became a little more adjusted.  At the same time though, I was always the girl with the wild and crazy red-golden hair breaking barriers – even when I did not necessarily realize it.  I was fortunate that my mother encourage my brother and me to BE ourselves, to follow our dreams, to explore and then make informed decisions on what we wanted and to know why we wanted or like something – or not.   That approach is an integral part of who I am and it guided me to academic studies of history, humanities, philosophy, religion, and psychology.  In other words:  I am different and I love it – I appreciate and respect and encourage everyone to BE themselves, however they can be all they are here to be.  That’s what its’ all about.

Quick reference back to the abilities I mentioned earlier because I promised I would, these  include the various “clairs”, ranging from the 4 main ones to identifying up to 8 (claircognition, clairvoyance, clairsentience, clairaudience, clairempathy, clairtangency, clairsalience, clairgustance) and if we have a few of them and can also transcend time and place we may be more at home with the term medium – the mediator between worlds.  These worlds can simply mean providing the bride and the tools for you between how you are today and can be tomorrow, how your team functions today or tomorrow….

It’s time to embrace yourself and LEAD your life YOUR way with an understanding that we are all ONE.  

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Michel John


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