“I had the great pleasure of seeing Dr. Natalie Forest as one of the keynote speakers at The Big Giving Conference. Natalie is a solid speaker able to keep the attention of her audience. She had a perfect blend of valuable information…points made that really hit you…and humor. I love how candid she is when she tells us to “Just deal with it!” which is perfect coming from a coach who helps us to keep moving in our personal and professional growth. I would highly recommend Dr. Natalie as a speaker for any meeting planner looking for someone who can educate and inspire people to increase their professional and personal success. “
(Anastasia Schuster, Speakers’ Agent, Access Speakers)


“Natalie Forest is a powerful presenter who delivers with both authority and heart. Her content is compelling, her speaking style intimate, yet commanding, and her genuine passion for creating successful outcomes for her audience is evident. She is a great addition to any platform! ”
(Jackie Lapin / Authors, Speakers, Get Leads, Get Booked)


“Natalie is the real thing. If you book her to speak at your company or event, you will not be disappointed. Her interactions before, during, and after the event truly reinforced her message and approach to business and to life. The sign of a good speaker (and leader) is that they practice and reinforce their messages with actions. Natalie does that better than anyone I have ever met. ”
(Mitchell Levy,  The AHA Guy at AHAthat “Build Your Brand With AHAthat”)

“The Ultimate Woman Network” 2018