Bootcamp: Be You – The Hidden Power of Patterns ™

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Get ready for a bootcamp that is designed with YOU and YOUR Purpose in mind.  This bootcamp fills the void of the hands-on skill transfer that address YOU as an individual to reconnect with YOU and peel off all that no longer serves you.

This is the first step into a journey that puts you front and center so you can BE you and share YOUR light, YOUR passions, YOUR purpose with humanity in ways that are right for YOU.




In 8-sessions Dr. Natalie Forest – America’s Leading Expert in Personal Performance – provides you with insights and skills to BE YOU so that you can live YOUR life YOUR way.

Dr. Natalie’s motto:

“Know Your Purpose.
Embrace Your Potential.
Achieve Your Dreams.”

Is the underlying premise of this bootcamp enabling you to begin or re-start living the life you desire.


So that YOUR life is filled with happiness, great relationships and success and is as stress-free as possible.

Every session you will have worksheets that Dr. Natalie guides you through to understand and being to address those patterns that may thus far have kept you from BEing all you can be and living your live fully and out loud.  From the introduction to the final session, every session gets you closer to your goals.
8 weeks, 8 specific topics, ranging from an introduction to “The Hidden Power of Patterns” and the groundbreaking process Dr. Forest created – which has helped thousands of people BE happier – to identifying stressors and ways to eliminate them, to proven ways of mental, spiritual and physical detox until you arrive at creating a tangible action plan that works with and for YOU.




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