Welcome to YOUR Revolution

It is time to take your ONE step to Freedom and embrace your Potential!


BE yourself. You are unique. You are needed. Stop hiding! Dr. Natalie is at your side as you transform your life and that of others, ready to live authentically and vibrantly. Her intuitive abilities, coupled with her analytical skills and years of experience, will help you reconnect with your purpose, embrace your potential and be open to the unlimited possibilities unfolding.


Are you ready to unlock those so you can create YOUR path to YOUR goals and YOUR destiny? Good -- because Dr. Natalie will show you how to identify your patters, especially those that have power of you and that you currently are not aware of. Those are the ones we need to get to; the ones in your subconscious mind that have been placed their years and years ago and now prevent you from living YOUR life YOUR way - with all the happiness you deserve.


Are you ready to Live YOUR life YOUR way by Reclaiming YOUR power and Revolutionize YOUR life? Have YOUR business YOUR way? Good -- because Dr. Natalie will share her own experiences and her own, innovative, ground-breaking process with you so you can achieve YOUR dreams! With a roadmap like that, all other areas of your life are much easier and you begin to understand that your Personal Performance can be outstanding at all times and also impact others, such as a team.

YOUR Revolution

Dr. Natalie was amazing. I spoke to her for about an hour. I had never spoken to her before and somehow she was able to elicit the key facts from my life that enabled her to give me some great advice for my particular (complicated) situation." (Susan). Dr Natalie (Forest) has unique gifts to see into souls, to see where they are turbulent, to see where change is desired, and then uses her wisdom and knowledge to offer food for thought through open conversation. I was completely amazed how tuned in and helpful she was, and so grateful. Thank you Dr. Forest!! (Caron S, CA)

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