It’s about YOUR Revolution

I have three different groups of group programs, all of which include an intake and a final session with me as well as ongoing support :

1. Open online group mentoring sessions. This is where we have a common goal and all will work on this in their best way — with an accountability partner. These are always virtual, please check here for updates.

2. The consecutive groups for YOUR Revolution. These are groups that gather virtually and support one-another in each member’s Revolution back to themselves. These are programs tailored to the members based on the applications received; yes BY APPLICATION only.

3. Mastermind Initiative: “Success Revolutions: Show Yourself”

YOUR Revolution

YOUR Revolution Step 1: Know Thyself – LOVE THYSELF – EMBRACE YOURSELF

YOUR Revolution Step 2: Embrace Your Potential – BE YOU

YOUR Revolution Step 3: Live YOUR Life – YOU ARE NEEDED

Mastermind Initiative:
“Success Revolutions: Show Yourself”

This Mastermind is a one-year minimum commitment.
It is BY APPLICATION Only as to ensure synchronicity and purpose-driven participants only.
This Mastermind includes:

  • An application
  • An intake interview
  • Monthly group meetings (virtual)
  • Group Meeting recordings
  • 2 in person sessions (recorded)
  • Individual feedback where needed
  • Accountability partners