Revolutionize Your Potential

Join this experiential and engaging online program that quickly gets YOU on the path to change the direction of your life and enable you to engage your dreams, desires, and results.
This program is filled with exercises, interaction, and action steps that clearly put you on YOUR path to identifying and living YOUR potential. By the end of the 8 weeks your are ready to live your life instead of existing or being somewhere in-between, equipped with a plan to follow so you can reach YOUR goals now.
It’s a deep dive in a fun and loving way that allows each participant is empowered to reconnect with their true authentic purpose, desires, and goals allowing them to liberate their life from all constraints. In her high energy, rich content way, Natalie explains and demonstrates the revolution that is necessary, in small steps to big leaps.
Every participant dives into their own life experiences and is able to begin shedding some of the veils to realize their own potential.
This is a truly formative and life-changing online program.

BE YOU Bootcamp

Many people are looking for their purpose, their mission, ways to be happier and successful while having more time for their hobbies and passions.
This bootcamp is designed with YOU and YOUR Purpose in mind. This bootcamp fills the void of the hands-on skill transfer that address YOU as an individual to reconnect with YOU and peel off all that no longer serves you.
This is the first step into a journey that puts you front and center so you can BE you and share YOUR light, YOUR passions, YOUR purpose with humanity in ways that are right for YOU.

In 8-sessions Dr. Natalie Forest – America’s Leading Expert in Personal Performance – provides you with insights and skills to BE YOU so that you can live YOUR life YOUR way.

So that YOUR life is filled with happiness, great relationships and success and is as stress-free as possible.
Every session you will have worksheets that Dr. Natalie guides you through to understand and being to address those patterns that may thus far have kept you from BEing all you can be and living your live fully and out loud. From the introduction to the final session, every session gets you closer to your goals.
8 weeks, 8 specific topics, ranging from an introduction to “The Hidden Power of Patterns” and the groundbreaking process Dr. Forest created – which has helped thousands of people BE happier – to identifying stressors and ways to eliminate them, to proven ways of mental, spiritual and physical detox until you arrive at creating a tangible action plan that works with and for YOU.

4 keys you need to know and implement to utilize the plateaus and “downs” in life and business to your advantage.

You have heard the phrase “life has it’s ups and downs.”
Sure you have and more importantly, you have experienced this in your personal and your professional life. It does not matter whether you are an entrepreneur, have a job, or are a “stay-at-home” individual. In all areas of our lives we do know what it feels like to have a “down.” And we also know what it means to feel like you are standing still… not moving forward in personally or professionally. Generally you don’t really enjoy either of those and are looking for a solution, a way out.
What if in told you that you can actually change that… or better, you can actually Revolutionize the feeling during and outcome of an plateau… not to mention shorten it.

More to be announced as needed