Participating in a workshop with Dr. Natalie is a one-of-a kind, transformative experience.  

Ranging from Wellness and Life-Balance to specific Business and Leadership topics these workshops are sure to get you thinking and leave you with tangible and immediately applicable action steps.

As with all her work, workshops for associations, groups, and companies can be individualized to address specific issues that have arisen in that group.

Her focus is always on engaging with the participants as we know that true learning and thinking requires interaction, opportunities to having a total experience and working on action steps that make sense to the participant with the guidance of the expert/facilitator. Of course, there is also humor involved and sharing of stories to exemplify challenges and solution — all due to solid research of strategies that actually do make a difference in people’s lives and businesses — and companies.

Here are some of the often requested workshops, while Dr. Natalie also has specific workshops for companies that address: Leadership and Team Building.

Corporate Consulting and Private Programs are available.

Ultimate Success: The Hidden Power of Patterns (TM)

Life Revolutions: The Hidden Power of Patterns (TM)

The Hidden Power of Patterns (TM)

Breakthrough Workshop

Colorful Patterns