Successful people focus on the 3 R’s

Personal and business life tend to be connected and this is another occasion where clearly the 3Rs can support, accelerate and establish success in either or both lives – though we know they are intertwined.  This means that if you focus on these 3Rs in your interaction you are likely going to see an unprecedented forward movement in the direction of your dreams and goals.

I will state this simply but invite you to really explore how much of this you have applied, are currently applying or will apply starting tomorrow.


  1. RelationshipsWe hear a lot of talk about “building relationships” to build and manifest success but seriously speaking: how many really do that?
    There are so many networking events that encourage “speed networking” where we barely get to meet and are focused on getting the most business cards, whether they are worth our efforts is to be discovered later but mostly … not really since many of those you connected with are surprised to hear from you.

There are so many so-called collaborations where some of the people put in a lot of work, a lot of effort, a lot of love and energy only to end up feeling used afterwards.
So – this first R really means: Relationships – meaningful relationships.  It’s not about quantity here but quality.  Work on the relationships once you have made a connection, learn about the other person, listen and hear the other person.  Make an effort to BE present with that person.  BE open in your communication, possibly vulnerable, show your strength too and offer your service where appropriate but without an agenda.  Relationships take time, they develop, they require your attention and they need you to leave your own personal agenda at the door.
After building the relationship maintain it and allow it to blossom.  It will if it has potential, otherwise it may need to rest for a while before everyone is ready.


  1. Respect

Respect everyone.  Show respect. Live respect for everyone, including yourself.  Treat others, those who work with and for you as well as those who volunteer and anyone you interact with, with respect.  This is your foundation.  This carries you forward or … will turn into an obstacle to achieving your dreams and goals if you disrespect others and their efforts.
Even if those you work with, who work for you, who volunteer with you or simply cross your path are not “producing” exactly what you want .. that is not their doing, it may just be your expectation or what it is you’re working on.  If they put in an effort, their best possible effort: respect them and respect yourself enough to be honest about what is happening.


  1. Recognition

Recognize the other person/persons for who they are and what they bring to the table.  Recognize them in a way that is meaningful to them.  Not everyone enjoys public recognition or awards so be sure to build that relationship, respect who they are and recognize them and their efforts in the way that is suitable for them  — not  for you but for them.

Recognition also means listening to their ideas, accepting their input and validating their experience and input.

Those who are highly successful in business know the importance of these 3Rs and apply them, directly in their one-on-one interactions and in their teams. Without these you will not be able to go all the way .

So, why not be Revolutionary and take these 3Rs as an additional toolkit and advance on your path to being successful: Revo!

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