Breakthrough Workshop

In this Breakthrough Workshop you learn how to embrace and breakthrough to YOUR vision, YOUR uniqueness, and YOUR personal goal for YOUR life. If you are ready to explore what YOU want to achieve for YOU and YOUR life instead of existing, then this is interpersonal workshop is the one for you.

This training engages educational and experiential ways for every participant to breakthrough to YOUR own personal, authentic purpose and be able to identify YOUR goals and YOUR life.  The skills and tools you learn will help you maintain the momentum gained in this experience.

Dr. Natalie Forest provides practical content, delivered in her high-energy experiential way that includes every participant in their current state of being.  Yes, YOU are where you are because it’s where you need to be BUT you are also ready to move forward renewed vitality and focus. 

At the end of this workshop you will embrace your current life AND create a feasible vision, a unique and personal goal, for where you want to go. You will create a road map or action plan on how to get there on the fast track, with implementable and feasible processes in place.

The 2 hour introductory workshop = $297.00
The 1 day workshop – $997.00

There is a retreat version especially encouraged for couples (personal emphasis) or C level executives, entrepreneurs, and managers.

C level executives, entrepreneurs, and managers will take away tools to support their team and crate mastermind alliances within their teams to lead to succeed across the board.

This workshop can also be customized as a special mastermind excursion 1x year for 3 days. 

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