Colorful Patterns

This is a fun but highly experiential and engaging workshop that goes deeper than it initially suggests.  We are all colorful individuals and though social conditioning clearly aligns us with some generalized patterns we all also have our own individual patterns and they are as colorful as we are.
In this workshop Dr. Natalie Forest works with you so you can tap into the power of your individual, personal patterns – those that no one else may even recognize.  It’s a deep dive in a fun and loving way that allows each participant to share where desired and to remain silent where preferred.  This workshop and the trip from the outside (colors we enjoy) to the inside (patterns that only we know about) empowered the participants to reconnect with their true authentic purpose, desires, and goals allowing them to liberate their life from all constraints.  In her high energy, rich content way, Natalie explains and demonstrates the revolution that is necessary, in small steps to big leaps. 

Every participant dives into their own life experiences and is able to begin shedding some of the veils to realize their own potential.

This is a truly formative and life-changing workshop.

$ 197.00

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