Life Revolutions: The Hidden Power of Patterns (TM)

The Hidden Power of Patterns (TM)

In this individualized workshop Dr. Natalie Forest leads you into the fascinating world of patterns and their hidden power.
As only she can, Natalie presents the “Hidden Power of Patterns” in a fun, yet “heart-hitting” manner that immediately engages every participant. 

This high-energy and experiential workshop shares the history of patterns and their transference to our individual lives as well as a more direct integration of the patterns existing in participants. 
With the question of whether they are “good, bad, or ugly” Dr. Forest shares the necessity of a revolution in your life so you can harness the power of the patterns that help you be happy and successful while eliminating those that do not.

The Transformation in this experiential and thoughtful interaction starts small but expands to opportunities you may have never dreamt of.

This workshop focuses on you as the individual while also emphasizing the impact your decisions and your connection with your purpose has to others.   The patterns at the heart of this intensive workshop are personal and directly connect to your worklife, whether you are fully employed by another or for yourself.  Experience the power of the “Revolution of YOU” and begin the journey to your goal with decisive action. For businesses and corporations this key note can hold many crucial insights into teamwork, increasing retention and allowing all members to take part in the success of the business.

Full day = $997.00

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