Kundalini is actually a Sanskrit word.  It refers to the powerful creative live force in our bodies, which lied dormant at the base of the spine for most people.
When working with Kundalini Reiki we are basically awakening that creative force.  We do this in 3 sessions plus a follow up.


Kundalini Reiki is one of the strongest Reiki/Energy healing modalities I know.

Each session includes a brief intake conversations, the energy healing session, and a brief recap following the session.
There may be items suggested to work on following the session in preparation for the next session or the forward movement.

The sessions should occur in 3 continues weeks, plus a 30 minute consultation to follow up in week 4.

It allows us to:
1. To open specific energy channels
2. Open the chakras
3. Identify and heal deeply rooted “wounds”/”experiences” that can impact us physically, mentally, and emotionally.
4. This allows healing to begin.
5. We gain insight into what we need to let go and what we want to manifest (purpose alignment)
6. We gain more courage in every-day life, are able to move forward, let go, ask for what we want and create.


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