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Collaborative Books

Chapter 4: “Weakness is a Strength” in: Feminine Voice: True Stories by Women Transforming Leadership. Ed. Andrea Hylen/ Heal My Voice (October 28, 2014)

Chapter 22: “Social Media: Re-affirming Your Purpose.” In: Empowered Women of Social Media: 44 Women found their “Voices” using the Power of Social Networking (Volume 1) edited by Carla Wynn Hall. (October 5, 2014)

Umbrella Marketing. Amplify Your Message. Baltimore, MD: Perfect Publishing, 5th edition with forward by Ben Gay. Present with various articles in Edition 2-5

“All of You: Body and Mind” in: The NetworkOut. Balancing, Creating & Living Wealth + Wellness. Perfect Publishing, first edition, 2014. Ken Rochon, et. Al. 


Ezine “Stress – Destress: Take it Slow.”  November 21, 2013—Destress:-Take-It-Slow&id=8135882

Today’s Innovative Woman Magazine. “Super Focus – Put the Blinders On” in

December 2014

Today’s Innovative Woman Magazine. Monthly 2-4 articles starting January 2014: “Author – Natalie Forest.”

Your Tango. Author/Expert. 

“Resolving Resolutions”. Posted on January 2, 2015.

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