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Most requested national keynote:

  1. Leadership Revolutions: Leadership is not Management but Human Commitment” (TM)

In a world where the “quick” fix often seems the best way to go and collaboration tends to be misunderstood, Dr. Natalie Forest highlights the best, most authentic, and revolutionary way of being successful, happy and authentic  at the same time.  Successful collaboration is based on Leadership of Self – a crucial aspect in all work related to Human Commitment.  In this talk Dr. Forest engages the group to share examples of authentic leadership to then lead into an exploration of the Power of Patterns and Collaboration. Follow Dr. Natalie and take away crucial know-how to implement and succeed to reach new levels of productivity,
profitability and performance of all stakeholders.

This fascinating keynote challenges existing beliefs of competition as the only way while sharing insights and skills for you, your business, your cooperation that leads the way to optimal growth and acceleration.

Most requested national and international topics:

  1. Ultimate Success Revolutions: The Hidden Power of Patterns (TM)

In this high energy talk Dr. Natalie Forest invites the audience to participate in an adventure: understanding the Hidden Power of Patterns of our success and happiness. Dr. Natalie shares experiences and engages the audience in this keynote focusing on Success for your business and YOU. Many of your patterns determine your daily Performance and to make this as high-caliber at your Potential allows it is crucial to understand and address your patterns, as well as those of your team members.  High caliber Performance resides in the intersection of Purpose, Potential and Leadership.  This keynote includes tips on business strategies that work with and for you, branding and product creation that help elevate you and establish you as YOUR authentic self with your mission front and center. You will get insights into how you can ACHIEVE Your Life, Your Business – Your Way and walk away with action steps you can immediately implement.

This keynote is important for corporations and teams in that the Patterns of individuals in a team and in the leadership positions are consistently influencing everyone’s Performance.  Dr. Forest delivers crucial strategies reach new levels of productivity, profitability and performance of all stakeholders.

  1. Life Revolutions: The Hidden Power of Patterns (TM)

Dr. Natalie Forest leads you into the fascinating world of patters and their hidden power, in this engaging and high-energy talk. Always addressing and including the audience she shares the history of patterns and their transference to our individual lives. Experience the impactful talk and recognize the patterns that may exist in your life. With the question of whether they are “good, bad, or ugly” Dr. Forest shares the necessity of a revolution in your life so you can harness the power of the patterns that help you be happy and successful while eliminating those that do not.

The Transformation in this experiential and thoughtful interaction starts small but expands to opportunities you may have never dreamt of.

This keynote focuses on you as the individual while also emphasizing the impact your decisions and your connection with your purpose has to others. For businesses and corporations this key note can hold many crucial insights into teamwork, increasing retention and allowing all members to take part in the success of the business.

Most requested talk for personal and organizational development:

  1. Revolutionize Your Performance: BE You (TM)

Dr. Natalie Forest shares important and life-changing insights on how you can liberate your life from the chains that hold you back. This keynote is a one-of-a-kind adventure that guides you to a life and daily performance that is stress-free, happy and high level – whatever you may be doing.   Dr. Forest shares not only her unique three-stage process to Revolutionize Your providing you with actionable steps towards a life in which you can BE YOU and live Your Life Your Way but shares her own experiences, challenges, and how she learned to understand her patterns to “have it all” and always “give it all”.

This engaging talk helps you reclaim your power and step into the amazing BEing that you are by exposing “The Hidden Powers of Patterns” in your life and sharing with you ways to take charge of these patterns so live authentically and filled with vitality once more allowing you to perform at your highest levels and be successful in all your endeavors.

For businesses and corporations this keynote provides many crucial insights into Human Commitment Strategies, such as teamwork, retention, productivity and more, thus providing actionable strategies that allow members to take part in the success of the business and do so stress-free and fully motivated.

Dr. Natalie is available for speaking and training engagements.  Download the contact us: or at our office: 609-789-0670.

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