As a Revolutionary and a Collaborator I am honored to partner with these amazing people and professionals.

In the work we do, we need to have people like this in our lives to perform at our personal best and allow our clients to accelerate and succeed.

These are the partners I trust for everything I do and need for my business.
When you ask me for a reference or you work with me, most likely I will pull these people in for your benefit.
If you are not yet working with me, please still feel free to check them out and to contact them directly!

Photography/Videography/Graphic Design

DWCP2Donnell Wallace

DW Celebrity Photography, LLC

I met Donnell Wallace a few years ago and was immediately intrigued by his integrity, his professionalism, his eye for detail and his overall approach to life and his work.
Over the years he has proven himself over and over again to be first rate in all he does.  When he takes your photo YOU are seen and when he is at your events, he tells the story and captures the atmosphere, the energy and all that happened and was created.
I personally choose Donnell for every event, any videos I need, any graphic (logos) and do my best to bring him to every event I am a part of because he brings also a big following that helps accelerate anything we do.

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Social Media Management

Tracy Lee Anderson 12112015_10153633552503560_8500919535146644426_n

The Game Changers Diary

Tracy Lee Anderson is a force in social media that you need when you are ready to step out and “be exposed”.  She and her team not only increase your visibility they also help with other aspects of accelerating your success and amplifying your impact (such as sponsorships, connections, and more).
I meet Tracy a couple of years ago and we immediately connected – partially I believe because we are both creating new paths were there are none, and are wholly committed to collaboration and self-improvement.

I partner with Tracy on many items and when I need social media management, additional live coverage or my events, support in social media marketing and promotion:  I only work with her.


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